We've got a Microclimate, and the fruit loves it.

Duncan inspecting the cherry blossoms – photo credit Rebecca Wood

Duncan inspecting the cherry blossoms – photo credit Rebecca Wood

We grow it with love

When you've been doing something for 7 generations, its probably because you like it. Duncan Smith, farm boss, knows everything there is to know about fruit, and loves it every bit as much.

What? Theres old fish in the soil?

The shores of the lake once reached all the way up to base of the escarpment, meaning our whole farm was underwater! This means the soil is sandy like a lake-bottom, and contains lots of organic material (fish, algea, aquatic plants, etc.) You know what loves this means? Fruit tree heaven. They love the nutrient rich, quick draining soil, and produce beautiful fruits because of it.

Something in the air

Our farm is located between the Niagara Escarpment (a ridge carved by ancient glaciers), and Lake Ontario. Between the escarpment and the lake has an effect on temperature. If you drive up the escarpment, its a few degrees different and more extreme. Below, the temperature is less extreme. This means a more moderate climate than just a few hundred meters away – weird, right? The result is a more forgiving climate than almost anywhere else in Canada other than the Okanagan valley which has similar characteristics. Here we can grow very tender fruits normally reserved for climates like Turkey, California, or Chile. Come breathe some in!