Fresh Peaches


Sorry, no peaches this year (summer 2019)


Peaches usually start mid August. Check our facebook page for updates: 

...or buy them pre-picked at the Peach Festival! - cancelled for 2019

Every year we have a stand at the Winona Peach Festival. Get a peach sundae, peach pies, vote for your favourite peach queen, and get a temporary peach tattoo. Oh, and don't forget to get some peaches. 

Winona Peach Festival
Last weekend in August
Friday 26th – Sunday 28th
5pm Friday – 6pm Sunday





The more you buy, the cheaper they are! We sell 2 types of peaches, in various sizes. All of these are about the same or less than the price per pound you pay at the grocery store, except they're much, MUCH fresher and tastier.

Pick Your Own Peach Pricing:

  • 3 Litre Basket / 4.6 lbs / $7

  • 4 Litre Basket / 6.3 lbs / $9

  • 7 Litre Basket / 11 lbs / $11

It's a 200+ year old farm, so no credit/debit cards, and we can't help you with your Air-Mile collection either. Of course, Cash works great here.