Pick-Your-Own Cherries

Cherries don’t have a season, they have a moment.
— Old fruit grower saying

Cherries begin July 6th Weekend! 

From 2 to 5 weeks every June/July, Cherries come along. Exactly which weeks? Well, that changes every year! Usually starting around the beginning of July and lasting 3 weeks. The safest bet?

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The more you buy, the cheaper they are! We sell them in 4 sizes. All of these are about the same or less than the price per pound you pay at the grocery store, except they're much, MUCH fresher and tastier.

Sweet Cherries

  • 3 Litre Basket / ~5 Lbs / $21 (4.20/lb)

  • 4 Litre Basket / ~6.6 lbs / $27 (4.10/lb)

  • 7 Litre Basket / ~10 lbs / $38 (3.80/lb)

Sour Cherries

  • 3 Litre Basket / $17 (3.50/lb)

  • 4 Litre Basket / $19 (3.25/lb)

  • 7 Litre Basket / $27 (2.75/lb)

Free Admission, Free Parking!


It's a 200+ year old farm, so no credit/debit cards, and we can't help you with your Air-Mile collection either. Of course, Cash works great here.



We'll show you how and give you tips to pick fast if you like. You'll have your own tree for your family to pick, and the branches are low enough for kids to pick too. Picking a basket can take 10 minutes to an hour depending on how fast you are!

Picking Tips

  1. Leave the stem on. Cherries last longer with the stems on!

  2. Use a motion like flipping a light switch to get the stem off the tree cleanly.

  3. Don't break the branches, they're next years cherries!

  4. Fill your hands with cherries before you bring them down to the basket (way a pro).


It's usually warm during July, so wear light clothes that you won't cry over if they get cherry stained. Also, wear shoes you don't mind getting a little dirt/dust on. It's an orchard after all!


We've only got port-potties, so we suggest stopping at Gateway Niagara right at the Casablanca exit from the highway, grab a snack, and come on over!