Things to do nearby


The fruit is fantastic, which means of course the wine is great too. Go on a tour, or buy wines not available at Wine Rack or LCBO direct from the wineries. Theres 40 wineries to chose from, within 30 minutes of our farm.

Wine Country Ontario Guide to Niagara


The bruce trail is awesome for hiking. Our secret favourite hike is just 5 minutes down the road (driving), and goes up through the a gorge and ends up with a view all the way to Toronto. 25 minutes up, 15 minutes down.

Secret Entrance to the Path (shhhhh!)


There is a ton of great eats in the area. For the family, we love August, which uses all local ingredients and is just scenic 10(ish) minute drive down the road. Nearby, is The Good Earth winery has an equally excellent menu for more adult dining.